Go Green with Coffee

Coffee is the morning alarm, energy booster, happy mood maker and ultimate love for many. What if the same cup of coffee also produce energy to help power the planet?

According to the International Coffee Organisation, on average people intake 2-3 cups of coffee a day around the world. This shows large consumption by people all around the country but has anyone thought of the waste which is produced during the production or left outs in the cafe. Itís huge! Does it harm the environment? Yes, these tonnes of waste coffee grounds are sent to landfill where it degrades and releases methane and carbon dioxide.

London is known for the highest consumption of coffee. In order to make the other side bright, British startup BIO-BEAN founder Arthur Kay from last 4 years is involved in turning the waste into eco-friendly energy kick.

Heal the world

24-year-old entrepreneur explained- coffee has higher calorific value than wood so it releases more energy. This company collects all the unwanted grounds from most of the London based coffee shops and recycle it into renewable fuel to replace conventional fuel. This fuel can reduce carbon emissions by 10 to 15% without modifying engines or spend more, according to Bio-Bean. Further research is on the process and reveals that it has also similar properties to current feedstocks used in making biofuels.

coffee-car-homeThis is a great initiative and idea by the start-up which is currently operating in the UK. Similar to this more startups and ventures should follow up and build more research. Such visionary ideas are need of the hour in every country.

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