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5 best blog to learn Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not like accounting where the rules were set years and years ago and since then only slight modifications have taken place.

In fact, Social media marketing is one of the most dynamic fields that I know of and a necessary marketing channel for businesses today. What is trending today may be a flop tomorrow, so you constantly have to keep yourself updated. This requires a lot of reading, listening or watching which means you need to decide which blogs you need to follow on a daily basis so, you get all the right information coming in. Well, it will require a lot of effort, trials, and skills but if you do it right, you can achieve a lot from social media.

Let’s learn from these 5 social media marketing blogs and follow these experts to create an actionable social media strategy:

Hubspot Marketing Blog

Hubspot has been my favorite blog since the first time I read their articles. Their blog is one of the most updated blogs for marketing and the articles have always been relevant with actionable strategies. You can refer to their how-tow to guides and the e-books on their blog. They also have an online learning portal called the “Hubspot Academy” from where you can undertake courses on content marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing and many others. I completed the inbound marketing course from Hubspot and it’s definitely a must for all the beginners.

Social Media Marketing Blog Sydney
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Social Media Examiner

Everyone who is interested in digital marketing would know about Social Media Examiner. Their social media reports have the data that every social media marketer yearns for. It has strategies and advice on everything you need for social media marketing from Instagram to Google+. It’s a combination of podcasts, reports, expert interviews and social media tips

Foxy Insights

Foxy Insights strives to provide essential, easy to understand and implementable knowledge to their readers. They add value by publishing relevant content for all businesses. If you cant afford digital services then you can definitely use these tips and tricks to help your business grow.

Content Marketing Institute-Linkedin

Social media marketing is closely connected to content marketing. It is one of the best content marketing blogs out there as it only focuses on content marketing. They have benchmarks, best practices, budgets and trends from all over the world. If you don’t like reading long articles, you can just flick through their highly effective slides on Slideshare.

Marketing Land

As the name suggests, marketing land is full of marketing content from seo, sem, social, mobile, analytics and much more. It’s a one-stop shop where you can get all your insights about marketing from a big brand to small businesses. It analysis all the details and changes in social media marketing landscape and provide you tips and strategies that you can implement in your business. It is like a breaking news channel. If I would suggest just one blog for you to follow for all the social media news and updates, it would be this one.

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Wrapping up, I would say social media marketing cannot be learned from just reading different blogs. It ‘s about listening to your target audience and understand what they like/dislike or what problems they want you to follow. One fits all approach has never and will never work for a business as every business is different and hence, the strategies have to be different too. As they say, try, try, try until you succeed.

Let me know what are your favorite blogs for social media marketing and I will make sure that I follow them.

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    Tips on how and why to engage customers is crucial for marketing people, information conveyed is in detail and easy to understand language. Overall, it is the great blog for digital marketers

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    I found your article very informative and you had great use of facts throughout the article.
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