5 New Instagram features to boost your engagement- Part 2

Did you check out the new Emoji slider introduced by Instagram? I am absolutely in love with it and all the new features that Instagram has been introducing lately starting from different fonts to the GIF’s.

More followers, increased engagement and more revenue! These new Instagram features provide you with the right opportunity to achieve your business goals by using Instagram as an effective marketing tool. This ain’t that bad for a photo sharing app which has grown to become a social network with more than 700 million users in merely seven years. Actually, It’s great.

The objective of new Instagram features is not just to increase your reach but also provide more traffic, more conversions, more video views, and increased mobile app installs through their story ads. Instagram is also testing a new booking and payments feature for its platform which means you never really have to leave the platform. Totally agree with someone who said convenience sells!

By introducing these new features, Instagram is working its way to becoming a market leader by utilizing the best features of the photo sharing apps. If they are doing it, why should you miss out? Keep on reading to materialize on their new features for your business growth.

Whether you are an Instagram veteran, or a newcomer just about to explore this popular app, these five tips and tricks will help you to use it like an Insta-pro:

#1 Adding GIF’S in your Insta Stories: 

Adding GIF’S to Insta stories is my most favorite feature in the new updates. There are plenty of amazing animated stickers to add to your stories. You can find them by clicking on the square emoji icon on the top right corner of your Insta stories. You can literally type anything (of course, realistically) and it will show some really fun results.

The only problem that I have faced with using GIF’s is that it sometimes distorts the Images or the texts. I guess there is no real hack for it and it still remains an amazing feature to have.

New Instagram Features

New Instagram Features

#2 Adding hashtags to your Bio:

Instagram launched a new feature by introducing live clickable hashtags to the bio. It gives you an opportunity to explain your users about your business when they click on those hashtags in your bio. Adding them to your bio is as easy as clicking on them.

As Kerry Flynn puts it,

“this move is the next step towards the hashtag’s rebirth as “a spark for our passions, in love and in war.”  

New Instagram Features

New Instagram Features
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#3 Resizing Insta Stories

Instagram stories are taking over the world and are my most favorite form of social media. Earlier there was just one size for the Insta stories but now you can resize them. The only thing you need to do is pinch the screen to the center, so you have a landscape size of the image. It works perfectly for videos as well. It gives you an option of adding more texts to the story in different fonts and relevant hashtags along with a location.

New Instagram Features

#4 Adding Instagram story highlights:

What an incredible new feature to showcase your brand. Now you can add your Instagram story highlights in accordance with your branding guidelines. You can also archive your stories so you can share them again when you like. It is a very visual way of representing your brand.

You can also share your Instagram stories on Facebook simply by changing your story settings.

#5 Shopping on Instagram

If you want to sell through Instagram, you can even do that now. If you have a Facebook business page and an Instagram page, you will be able to sell your products on Instagram. So, all you have to do is press the “shop” button.


There are many more new features on Instagram like checking someone’s online status, insta story screenshot alert, following hashtags, focus feature on insta story and sharing Instagram posts as insta stories.

All these new features mean that your users are spending more and more time on Instagram. So, update your Instagram strategy and impress your users with the use of these new features.

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