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Digital Marketing trends you need to look out for in 2018-Part 2

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The last post focused on the new Facebook newsfeed updateand Influencer marketing. If you have read the last post,then I am sure you would have started thinking about making videos and using influencer marketing as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

In this article, we will focus on the use of content marketing in 2018, diversifying it, and the importance of paid social media advertising.

Content Marketing 2018

Content Marketing has always been an integral part of digital marketing and not just for the purpose of SEO but also to establish yourself as an expert in your field. According to Content Marketing Insitute, 89% of organizations used content marketing and 63% of the organizations were extremely committed to content marketing in 2017. This means that content marketing has been working for these organizations and the proof is that62% of the marketers said content marketing worked better for them this year as compared to last year.52% of the marketers agreed that content marketing had become a greater priority for them.

Although there are no hacks forcontent marketing, there are certain best practices you can follow. Only good quality content creation will help in increasing an organization’s overall success. You can not ace content marketing unless you have developed an effective strategy to deliver relevant content to your audience- the content which adds value to them and solves a problem. In saying that, when there is so much content being churned out every hour, you also need to publish this relevant content quite consistently. Agreed that quality is important but the quantity in 2018 will be as important as quality. It can be once every dayon social media, but that one post should be of superior quality.

75% of most successful B2B marketers always/frequently deliver content consistently.

Digital marketing blog sydney

A really good suggestion or a technique I read on Content Marketing Insitute was producing content on the basis of how mature it is and then deciding on how often to publish it. After you have created the right content, you should put a full budget on a single day for your best content in order to promote it to become the story of the day.There will always be a niche, where you can establish yourself as an expert – specialise in that. Now, let discuss the kind of content that you can publish in 2018.

Digital marketing blog sydney

In 2017, B2B marketers focussed on social media content as their main content marketing technique followed by blogs and email newsletters. Some of the other techniques are ebooks, white papers, videos(pre-produced), infographics, webinars/ webcasts.

What worried me after looking at this data is that videos and webinars only constituted60% and 58% of the content marketing technique. This is when we know that most of the internet traffic these days constitutes video marketing. With videos playing a greater role in the most viewed type of content in 2017, the marketers did not make it the most important part of their strategy. However, with the new changes in 2018, I hope to see much better quality videos used by the brands. This is the age ofvisualization and people are focussing more on visually appealing content rather than reading it.

Facebook live is one of the strategies that will turn out to be super useful for your brands in 2018. Facebook videos have an average 135% more organic reach than images.According to Social Media today, people spend 3x longer watching live videos than the videos which are no longer live. This was back in 2016. I would imagine this to be double in 2017 and similar in 2018.

Imagine for yourself. Which type of content do you spend most of your time on? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and choose the right content for them, but please do not leave videos out of your content marketing strategy.

If you want to read about how content marketing can help boost your SEO, please read my blog post on Content marketing and SEO.

Neil Patel has written a great guide on “How to tackle live video”.It will definitely help you kickstart your live videos.

Another important thing is distributing content. No matter how good my content is, it’s useless if no one is reading it. The question here is how do you make someone read your content? Well, it all depends on your distribution strategy. Organic reach is not going to be the best method to reach your audience in 2018. You will have to boost your content and focus on paid media advertising. Interactive emails, Linkedin, twitter are the top three channels that were used by the b2b marketers in 2017 to distribute their content.

These are some of the changes you can make to make sure your content marketing is up to date in 2018. Always follow what the leaders in your industry are doing, what are the latest trends and even they align with your marketing strategies.

2018 is the year for marketing where original content will thrive. The companies which will not update their marketing strategies will suffer majorly especially on social media. If you don’t have content, look for guest bloggers but make sure that your content is killer.

Paid social media advertising

Gone are the days when SEO, Content marketing, and Social media campaigns could bring your website thousands of visitors without paying a dollar towards your advertisements. Unfortunately, it does not work as effectively anymore. Paid social media advertising is bound to become your savior these days. The reasons for this is that the organic reach of all social media platforms has gone down drastically, you get clear data on each penny that you have spent on paid advertising, andyou can create very specific targeted ads for reaching new and old customers both. The organic reach has gone down to as low as 2% on Facebookwhich might go down further with its new Facebook news feed changes.I have myself tried paid social media advertising and have noticed how even $5/ day can make a big difference to your social media.

Neil Patel has written a great article on “why social media is pay to play in 2018″.Do give it a read to make the most of your social media ads. The fact that the social media advertising spend is going to increase to 17 billion by 2019 should be the reason enough to kick start your social media ads.

Chat bots

Using Chat bots in Facebook Messenger has been the most useful way of communicating with your Customers in 2018. These chat bots are available 24/7 and can be accessed any time of the day . When the customers leave the website, they can still view the conversation in their Facebook Messenger app. 2018 will not be the year just for messaging chatbots but also conversation chatbots with the major brands like Google and Amazon already investing in it. With already trending, these conversational chatbots will gain more popularity, especially in the retail sector. The integration of these chatbots in the websites and on the social media platforms is must for 2018 with the growing progress in Artificial Intelligence.

Chatbot holds immense potential in different verticals starting from marketing, sales to customer retention and engagement.

That’s a wrap from me about the top 5 digital marketing trends of 2018. It is the year for Digital Marketing and definitely bigger n better than 2017. There are many more trends which I will keep on writing on as they progress. Let me know what you think about these trends and which all are important according to you.


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    Fanny Johansson says:

    Great post! I am thrilled that you brought up Chatbots as a new trend in 2018. I totally agree.
    With that said, do you have any tips and tricks when it comes to advertising with messenger bots? 😀

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      admin says:

      Hi Fanny, I do not have an amazing strategy for advertising with chatbots yet but I will definitely research it and share my findings with you. So glad that you liked the article.

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