How to use Remarketing as an effective advertising strategy

Remarketing Done Right!

Have you ever noticed that you keep getting the ads of certain websites even weeks after you visited them? That is called Remarketing! Letís take a journey on understanding Remarketing as an effective advertising strategy.

Did you know, according to Google experts, only 2-4% of website visits result in a transaction? This is where you use Remarketing.

Remarketing or Retargeting is a type of technology that helps your business display ads to potential customers after they have visited your website, used your mobile app, signed up to your blog or given you their email address. It is your most powerful strategy as your customers will be constantly reminded of your website when they visit other websites, use social media platforms or search on google. Use it for the customers who did not convert! You can target your visitors using custom tailored ads based on their website activity and build your brand awareness.

Letís go through 4 ways in which you can use Remarketing to make your business successful.

1. Specify your remarketing goals

Your first step at starting a Remarketing campaign is to determine what your Remarketing goals are, who is your target customer and what actions you want your potential customer to take. This will help you to single out the website you want to tag regardless of whether you are tagging with Google Analytics Remarketing code, an AdWords Remarketing code or any third party marketing tool, help you choose the right network to reach your target audience and creating tailored ads. You can run three kinds of Remarketing campaigns broadly:

  • Creating Remarketing campaigns for those who did not take actions on certain landing pages.
  • Creating Remarketing campaigns for those who did not complete the purchase within the checkout process.
  • Creating Remarketing campaigns for those who did not click on the pages you are promoting.

You can have more than three kinds of Remarketing campaigns depending on your business objectives to achieve optimal results.

2.Creating remarketing lists

The next part is to actually create marketing lists depending upon your objectives and then design a remarketing campaign based on these lists. You can use†Adwords to create remarketing lists and make different ad sizes for all different networks. By creating different ad sizes, you will be eligible to be seen on every Google Ad network site giving you an opportunity to optimise your message and reach your target customer on their most visited sites.

Another important thing to keep in mind while creating these lists is the Google remarketing member duration. In simple words, it means, How long will you follow each visitor. This will vary on your remarketing objectives, your industry/sector and your campaigns.

3.Create segmented remarketing campaigns

Ideally, you should target all your site visitors. This might not give you the most narrow list but these are the people who have at least some interest in your products or services as they visited your website. Some visitors would spend more time and some visitors would spend less than one minute. Similarly, some of them will click only on certain website pages and some on others. Analyse your customer behaviour and segment your remarketing campaigns. Creating different Call to Action for different users will help you in converting your prospects into leads depending on your sales funnels.

4.Curating educational content†

Do you have a high traffic website? If you do, you must be thinking that you do not need remarketing as your customers are already visiting your website. BUT, Think about it! How long do they stay on your website? Are they clicking on the pages that you want them to click on?

If you have a high traffic website or a low traffic website, you can use remarketing to your advantage. Use it to increase clicks on the non-lead generating landing pages. Educate your bounced traffic about your business, your services or products and how you can solve their problem rather than direct selling. This will help you to increase your brand awareness, regain lost leads and get loyal customers in the longer run.

For the customers who visit your page often, reward them by providing incentives like coupons and discounts. Through remarketing, you can bring back that lost customer by incentivizing him/ her wherever he/ she is online.

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Do not forget to keep looking at your analytics and keep testing your campaigns. Itís this testing that will help you in receiving a positive ROI. You never know, that one drop in the ocean might make a difference!

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