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5 ways to spend your New Year’s eve in Sydney

New Year’s Eve is one of the most special evenings of the entire year. An evening that you just can not forget.  Even that one person who hates to party gets out of the house and celebrates it with their family and friends.

Well, All’s well that ends well.  So, where are you spending your New Year’s Eve this year? If you have not made any plans or want to escape that boring social gathering then read on to find out where you can spend your new year’s eve on a budget.

Let’s just breathe and enjoy the end of 2017.

  1. Fireworks and Vantage Points– My first option has to be Vantage Points to see the fireworks. If you have still not planned anything, I would highly suggest that you go for this option at this time of the year or if it’s your first NYE in Sydney, then go for it!! I assure you that you won’t regret it. It’s free and amazing. The energy and the enthusiasm of the crowd are simply uncontainable and infectious. Who can blame them though? I have watched the fireworks every year now and I have never been disappointed. Also, I am going this year too.  You can find all the information about the free vantage points on SydNye2017. Since the vantage points open at 8 am and they fill up quite quickly, make sure that you plan your day well in advance. There are food trucks available in certain areas as well in case you forget to carry any food. My favorite spot till now has been circular quay.  I would advise that you travel by public transport because you won’t get a parking spot. Although the city gets very crowded, it is still worth it. These are some of the photos from the last year.
    New Year's Eve, Sydney
    NYE 2016, Pyrmont

    New Year's Eve Sydney
    NYE, 2016- Pyrmont
  2. Cruising on NYE- Everyone loves cruising and it’s even better if you are cruising on NYE.  Cruising can cost you a bit more than the Vantage points which are free but if you can afford it, then it will be a memorable NYE for sure. The vessels are illuminated and if you are watching them from the vantage points, you sure would get tempted to get into one of these. You can still book one of the cruises on Harbour of Light Parade 2017. Some of the ferries can be either taken from Manly or Rosebay. If you don’t stay anywhere near then you can board them from Circular Quay. As of 28/12/17, there are these that are available- Sea Cat1 departing from Manly or you can hire a boat here at affordable prices.
  3. Party all night on NYE-  While some people do have house parties or go clubbing on NYE, they can still see the fireworks. If you are partying around Milsons Point or around Pyrmont, then you can get out around 11:30 and walk only a few minutes to witness the beautiful fireworks. One of the amazing spots you can go to is Luna Park. There are still tickets available for general admission. Hurry before that gets sold out too. Available on 28/11/2017.  If you want to be super close to the harbour bridge then you can book in at Cruise Bar, Circular Quay as well.
  4. Away from the CBD-  I would love to spend my NYE on the beautiful beaches of Sydney where the party is always on and the energy is infectious. At some beaches, you can still see the fireworks and enjoy swimming in the ocean. Ideally, If I were you, I would spend the entire day at the beach, getting some avo on toast, swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. Then, later in the evening, you can join a party on the beach. If you are keen t see the fireworks and are away from the CBD then you can head to Coogee and enjoy the 9 pm fireworks.  Depending on where you live in Sydney, you travel will differ but if you are anywhere near Central then you can catch a direct bus to Coogee.  You can also visit, Brighton Beach or Campbelltown to see the fireworks depending on where you live.
  5. Road trip to Central Coast- You can take a trip down the coast and spend your New Year’s Eve in Central Coast. There are plenty of bars and hotels that you can go to or just spend it on Avoca Beach or Entrance. I can’t say a lot about this because I have not been here myself but when I do I will be sure to write about my experience. If you live there or went to Central Coast for NYE, share your experiences with me.

Have Fun this NYE and share with me how you spent your New Year’s Eve. xx


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